Industrial Food Service Corporation History & Product Video Series

The first video in this small business video series is a hard and direct product feature & benefit demo to illustrate quickly and effectively how this correctional facility food delivery cart far exceeds the competition in the market. Cook’s Correctional, located in Warrenville, Illinois, specializes in products built to target the correctional food service industry. Their market niche is working in, and developing product lines for all markets segments of minimum, medium and maximum security correctional facilities.

We partnered with Cook’s to develop an ongoing video program that promoted their series of products throughout their market. The sales force used the videos through email promotions to reach the customer with their superior product lines in this market. The results were thousands of views and impressions, sales marks met and exceeded, and more product lines highlighted to continue the awareness drive deeper into the market.

Below the initial brief food cart promo, you’ll see the entire series of videos that start with the background and culture of the company. Then we drill down into the features of effective product lines for their customers, helping the sales force to build awareness and increase sales. This series generated over 2,300 videos views in a very niche market.

Corporate History & Culture

Correctional Facility Food Service Product Series

Polycarbonate for Correctional Meal Serving Demo

Cook’s Two-Shelf Stainless Steel Cart Demo

Rhino Cart Doors for Accessibility & Security Demo

Cook’s Correctional Knife Leash Kit Set Demo

Cook’s Brand Insulated Trays Features & Benefits

The Rhino Cart Features, Benefits & Demo

Copolymer VS Polycarbonate for Meal Serving

Commercial Kettle Tools for Your Operation

Cook’s Materials Demo Sentry and Flex Product Lines

Rhino Cart Doors for Accessibility & Security

Aluminum Tray Delivery Cart Review

The Rhino Cart – A Short Presentation