Delta Products Group Small Business Branding & Promotional Series

We worked through a new branding of Delta Products Group with an agency partner. Our role was to implement this new brand into the new website’s video series. We started with the website home page promo as the first video presented here in this study. Then we built the series out through a company history video, a video on their markets, a video on their product line and then continued the build of the brand through two client testimonials. Finally we wrapped up the production with three product demonstrations that helped the sales team promote and drive new orders. The result was a successful campaign that produced over 500 video views in an incredibly small, niche market that increased awareness, and ultimately sales.

Company History, Markets & Products

Delta Products Group History

Delta Products Group – Our Markets

Delta Products Group – Our Products

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial – Aurora St. Luke Medical Center

Client Testimonial – PBBS Equipment Corp

Product Demonstrations

Delta Products Group MarineGEL Descaler

888 Descale Cleaning Demo

MarineGEL Cleaning Demo