Stroked Out by Russ: Stroke Awareness Mini-Documentary Series

In this mini-documentary series we follow Russ Phillip from West Chicago, Illinois through his story as a stroke victim at age 42. We experience his life as he talks about the fears of stroke, the unknown, the triggers and almost losing his life. We learn of him losing use of his right arm, and he is right handed. He can not write, type, feed himself. He then loses his job, all his money, his girlfriend and is reduced to his lowest point in life. Then Russ works tirelessly to rebuild his life post-stroke to share his knowledge, motivation and encouragement with other stroke victims.

This mini-documentary series plays out on his website,, as he works to connect with other victims. The 6-part series builds awareness for stroke, its dangers and triggers. Russ now works to motivate other stroke victims through his motivational speaking, personal and fitness coaching.

Watch the series trailer first, then experience the entire series. Share with anyone who has experienced a stroke or has a family member that has.


Stroked Out By Russ – Mini-Documentary Stroke Awareness Series Trailer


Stroked Out By Russ – Mini-Documentary Stroke Awareness Series Episodes

Episode #1 – Risk Factors

Episode #3 – Losing Everything

Episode #5 – Building A New Life

Episode #2 – Fear of the Unknown

Episode #4 – Coming To Grips

Episode #6 – Helping Others


Stroked Out By Russ – Mini-Documentary Series Social Media Teasers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Episode #1 – Risk Factors Teaser

Episode #3 – Losing Everything Teaser

Episode #5 – Building A New Life Teaser

Episode #2 – Fear of the Unknown Teaser

Episode #4 – Coming To Grips Teaser

Episode #6 – Helping Others Teaser

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D&M Productions also produced and maintains for Russ Phillip a custom WordPress website to help promote his new motivational speaking and professional training business model.