An Organization Dedicated to Combatting Drug & Alcohol Addiction

We had the opportunity to follow the Lybert Family as they develop and deliver drug & alcohol prevention education programs through Wisconsin and beyond. Your Choice to Live, located to Hartland, Wisconsin needed a social video program to promote their programs throughout Waukesha county, the state of Wisconsin and throughout the country.

Speaking from the experience of a family that has gone through addiction and survived, the Lybert’s tell of their time with Tyler struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. His journeys through arrests, jail, multiple trips through rehab and finally through recovery. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to delivering prevention eduction programs with the hope that they can save one family from having to go through the horror that they experienced.

We began their social video program by telling the story of their addiction journey. Then how they moved on to create the Your Choice organization, how it has grown and the positive affects it has on communities throughout the country. We then developed pieces on the prevention and support programs they offer so communities around the country can understand better the Your Choice programs and their impact. From there, we learn first hand how horrible this disease is and the impact it has on the addict and their family through Tyler’s, Katie’s and Melanie’s personal stories. Then finally we developed a series of short teasers to be used as promotional pieces for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A comprehensive social video program providing sharable content online and through social media to drive awareness, build future relationships with new communities and to try to save more lives.

Your Choice to Live: Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Organization

Your Choice to Live Organization

A Family’s Journey from Addiction to Recovery – The Lybert Family’s Story

Your Choice to Live in the Community

Your Choice To Live Prevention Education And Support Programs

Your Choice to Live Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Programs

Your Choice to Live Drug & Alcohol Support Programs

Stories of Addiction, Recovery and Loss

Recovery Addict – Tyler’s Story

A Mother’s Loss – Melanie’s Story

Katie’s Story of Addiction & Recovery

Teasers for Social Media Promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The Lybert’s Family Story Teaser

Tyler’s Story of Addiction Teaser

Your Choice to Live Support Programs Teaser

The Your Choice To Live Story Teaser

Your Choice to Live Prevention Education Programs Teaser