A New and Exciting Lung Cancer Tumor Treatment

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Frank Wolfram from Jena, Germany to discuss the breakthrough methodology of treating lung cancer tumors using the flooded lung technique with ultrasound heat, treating tumors without chemotherapy or medications. An exciting new modality still in the trial stage and showing incredible potential. This video was produced to build awareness for the efforts of the Janice Lamb McArdle Cancer Research Foundation from Naperville, Illinois and their efforts to fund this critical research.

Jannie’s Hope Cancer Research Foundation

This video series was actually part of a cancer research fundraising project for the Janice McArdle Cancer Research Foundation, also known as Jannie’s Hope. The research foundation tasked us to produce a series of videos for them for their live event to promote the successes of the foundation’s efforts. The event video production included a promotional video for Facebook and Twitter distribution to drive attendance. Then a profile video of the foundation. And finally the piece above on Focus Ultrasound that talks about where their funds are going and the impact they are making in lung cancer research,

Jannie’s Hope¬†Breakthrough Cancer Research Funding Promo

Jannie’s Hope Cancer Research Foundation Profile