An Awareness Series on the Availability and Dangers of Heroin

Produced for a Naperville, Illinois nonprofit, ParentsMatterToo dedicated to community parent and student education. This DuPage County social video educational series focused on the easy availability of opioid prescription drugs to young students, their propensity toward addiction and eventually as a gateway to heroin use, addiction and accidental overdose.

This first promo posted here was used to drive a community audience to a live event featuring the four main subjects of the video “The Cop, The Convict & The Kids”. Think heroin is not in your neighborhood? Think again. Watch and learn, and know the signs of heroin addiction in your community.

The educational series continued with four main educational and awareness videos, four testimonial videos from three former addicts and a mother who lost her son to an accidental overdose, then finished with a series of teasers specifically developed for promotional purposes on Twitter and Facebook. The teasers are used to drive the community audience from their social networks to the nonprofit’s website to view the main series of educational and testimonial videos.

The social video series in total has received thousands of views and impressions on YouTube, Facebook, at community live events and in the classroom.

We filmed this series in four film days, interviewing fourteen different community experts and members to build the entire series of 17 videos. This provided the educational nonprofit, police department, fire department and community leaders with months of sharable educational content online and throughout the community.

You may view the entire series below the initial “Choices” promotional video.

Educational Series: Accidental Road to Addiction, Prescription Drugs to Heroin

Monitor, Secure & Dispose of Your Prescription drugs

Prescription Drugs and the Teen Party Culture

From Prescription Drugs to Heroin

What Do You Want Parents to Know

Educational Series: Accidental Road to Addiction, Prescription Drugs to Heroin – Testimonials

Brad Testimoinal

Tim Testimonial

Caroline Testimonial

Jessica Testimonial

Educational Series: Accidental Road to Addiction, Prescription Drugs to Heroin –

Twitter and Facebook Teasers for Promotion

Bob Marshall, Naperville Police Chief, Teaser

Jessica Teaser

Dr. Bob McBride, Principal Neuqua Valley High School, Teaser

Dr. David Lott, Medical Director of Addictions Programs, Teaser

Dr. Laura Bokar, Fox Valley Institute for Growth and Wellness Center, Teaser

Mark Puknaitis, Naperville Fire Chief, Teaser

Brad Teaser

Tim Ryan, Man in Recovery, Teaser