We Create With Accuracy, Affordability and Effectiveness

Using Social Video Production and Communication Strategies To Tell Your Story Online

We are a two-person creative team. As such we have the ability to move quickly and produce with pinpoint accuracy. We do so with quality that comes from decades of agency experience. We have spent years structuring our creative process to have little overhead, as well as adapt quickly to market movements and ultimately leverage the speed of technology. We produce in hours and days, not weeks and months. And in doing so, we are able to build highly effective communication and awareness programs that have immediate impact for you, yet do not cost tens of thousands of dollars. Small Investment. Big Impact.


Social Video Production

When a potential client says “I need a video,” we help them understand that what they really need is an ongoing, effective and affordable video program to spread awareness of their mission and meet their goals. We specialize in doing just that: building video programs that tell your unique story over time, drawing in views and follows, creating and building content to share.

Ethics & Compliance Communications

Corporations will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to train their employees on Compliance rules and regulations. Yet they fall short by not focusing on building an ethical culture. We build this culture through communication and awareness strategies that reinforce the training you’ve invested in, track that the training is taking hold and keep Compliance at the forefront of each employee’s mind at every level of the organization. Effective and ongoing communications takes “Compliance” from checking a box to an organization with ethical practices at its core.

Mini-Documentary Production

Mini-documentaries are a great way to effectively tell a story over time. We’ve executed this strategy inside the corporate world as well as the nonprofit world, with good success. We were there to tell the story when Harvard University wanted to institute a change-management process inside an international pharmaceutical over a year’s time. We were happy to help when a local community was in desperate need of a heroin awareness program to educate student and parents to avoid more addictions and accidental overdoses. Mini-documentaries are the perfect communication tool to spread understanding, to change attitudes and opinions, and to educate.


Independent Creatives

Our years of agency experience allows us to produce in a multitude of media. As writers, directors, videographers and overall producers, we can create and deliver your project at any level. From communication strategy to the sales presentation, we will come through for you wherever and however you need us.

Our production gear is structured to be as nimble and effective as we are. This is what allows us to bring studio quality out into the field, in any environment. We move quickly and produce with accuracy so your story can evolve and build over time. This is the gear that allows us to accomplish your goals…