A Virtual Online Academic Life Coach

Gretchen Wegner Academic Life Coaching is truly an impactful small business that positively effects high school and college students across the country and beyond. We produced a series of testimonials for her to illustrate how effective her approach to academic studying and test taking is for her clients and their parents. Gretchen’s entire business model is developed to coach and train her students through Skype online anywhere in the world from the comfort of the client’s own home.

So we took that same approach to deliver her story. As we say, we work “Globally, Locally and Virtually” and this is a perfect example of “virtually”. A Skype video testimonial production. Gretchen works in Oakland, California area, her clients are JP and his mom Christine and they are on the east coast, and we are producing near the Chicago area at this particular time. A true coast to coast production.

JP & Christine Testimonial