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Storytelling With A Purpose

Since we’re typically not good at writing this page, we thought we’d ask our friend Nate to write it for us and he agreed. Thank you, Nate.

When Dennis and Mary asked if I would write the “About Us” section of their website, of course I instantly said yes. And the reason, as they mentioned in the intro line above, is because we are friends.

But here’s what’s interesting about that: We are only friends now because I was a client first, and these two wonderful people made such an impact on me that I never let them go. When I met them back in 2010, I was a very young, very inexperienced do-gooder, with an idea for a philanthropy project that had very little chance of success. I put out the word that I was looking for digital storytellers for some nationwide work, and Dennis & Mary drove up from Chicago to Milwaukee to meet with me.

They were the only ones who did.

I promised them long hours, short turnaround time on production, tough assignments, lots of travel, sad situations, and very (VERY) little pay. They said that if the project was going to make people’s lives better, they wanted to be a part of it.

I’m getting a little misty-eyed as I write this, realizing just how much my co-founder and I needed them, and how much of a risk they took to work with us. Because the thing is, without them I don’t know that the project would have been successful. Of course their work was good, as it always is . . . you don’t have to worry about that. But far more importantly, they instilled a sense of trust in everyone they shot – people who had no reason to believe that a couple of kids and their internet friends were going to help change their lives – and Dennis & Mary turned them into believers. It’s this amazing gift they have to connect on a very real level with people that makes them such excellent storytellers. People are comfortable around them, and that’s a quality you can’t teach.

I’ll say one more thing here and then let you move on to hiring them. These two never complained. Not once. They never missed a deadline. Not ever. And believe me, they had plenty of reasons to do both. I didn’t make it easy on them, but they took it all in stride, produced superior work on short notice in tough circumstances, and earned my trust time and time again. Along the way, it seems, they earned my friendship as well.

I love Dennis & Mary. And you will too.

– Nate St. Pierre
Digital Marketing Strategist

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Well… we may have complained once or twice, but only to each other : )