We Work And Live With Purpose

The Human Spirit Is Alive and Well

We believe because of what we have seen and because of what we have experienced firsthand through our years of interviewing, video storytelling and social video production. Yes, the human spirit is alive and well. We have seen some of the worst circumstances and the most difficult challenges, but then we see the people who come to help – the people that champion through above all odds. We have spent our careers telling their stories, and we will tell yours with the same passion, both in the nonprofit world and the corporate world.

Nonprofit Volunteering and Social Video Storytelling

This is exactly why our nonprofit work is so important to us. Our firsthand experiences in mentoring and volunteering have taught us so much in life and in work. We remember these lessons every day, in every video story we tell, in every project we create. We use social video production to build education and awareness around your nonprofit. The list of stories is endless, and we are proud to have been there both as volunteers and as producers:


  • Prescription Drugs to Heroin Addiction & Awareness
  • Lung Cancer Research
  • Domestic Violence Victim Survival & Mentoring
  • Urban Youth Sports Mentoring
  • Stroke Awareness
  • Homelessness Advocacy
  • Grief Counseling
  • Addiction & Recovery Services
  • Cancer Fighters & Survival
  • Community Food Pantry
  • Community Adult Support Services
  • Community Child Support Services
  • Refugee Survival and Integration
  • Autism Development & Mentoring
  • Youth Sports Development & Mentoring

Corporate Ethics & Compliance Communication, Awareness & Training

We bring this same passion and compassion into the corporate environment, especially in our two-decades-long work in the Ethics & Compliance world inside multi-national corporations. Building communication, awareness and training strategies in the challenging corporate environment of ethics & compliance at times seems insurmountable. However we have found a way to make them invigorating and incredibly rewarding when we accomplish our goals on each project. This is some of our most compelling work because it affects so many people, with so many reputations on the line, with so much at risk.

We build comprehensive communication and awareness programs for ethics & compliance departments that build a culture of ethics within an organization, not just checking a box to measure compliance.